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Microcannula Technique

At Middletown Vein and Aesthetic Center we use blunt ended microcannulas to inject all of our dermal fillers.  The Microcannula technique has revolutionized facial resculpturing by providing trained physicians with a new, innovative method of performing facial fillers injections.  This advanced technique allows for the atraumatic advancement of a blunt delivery instrument under the skin with reduced chances of bruising and swelling.  Until recently, filler injections have been performed utilizing the hypodermic needle, a sharp tipped needle that comes with several side effects, primarily related to the laceration of small underlying blood vessels. This causes leakage of blood under the skin, resulting in visible bruising and swelling.  Other more serious adverse effects are possible when using a sharp needle to inject the filler products.

Advantages of the Microcannula technique:

The blunt tip along with the flexibility of the microcannula technique confers several advantages over the traditional sharp needles:

  • Less bruising and swelling during and after the injection
  • Less pain associated with the injection
  • Requires only one point of entry for a given treatment area
  • Less downtime after the treatment before upcoming social activities
  • The microcannulas stimulate the production of new collagen which provides further support