“I am so pleased with the results I have gotten with laser therapy. I developed varicose veins through pregnancies. Not only did my legs look awful with rope like veins but they felt awful. Now they look great”.


Choosing the best method to treat your varicose or “spider” veins, whether it
be endovenous thermal ablation, microsclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, or mini-phlebectomy, is complex process but starts with a thorough physical examination and ultrasound study.    We strongly feel that the physician that will be performing the procedure for you should be the same physican that performs your initial ultrasound evaluation.  We don’t employ a technologist or send you elsewhere to have your planning imaging study performed.  We are board certificed interventional radiologists and therefore, are experts at performing and interpreting ultrasound images of the legs.  The ultrasound study allows us to identify the source of abnormal blood flow to your varicose veins.  Without removing the underlying source of abnormal blood flow, varicose and “spider” veins can simply reappear in time, despite the best efforts to eradicate them.  At the same time, we will assess the deeper veins in you leg to look for deeper problems, including blood clots and reversed flow (reflux).  The entire evaluation, including a discussion of the proposed treatment plan with the physician takes no more than 45 minutes.  If your only concern is unsightly spider veins and we find no underlying deeper problems with your legs, we will give you an honest estimate on how many microsclerotherapy sesssions you will need to erradicate the spider veins.  You will leave our office with a clear understanding of the condidtion of your legs and what method of treatment would be best for you should you need treatment.

  1. MicroSclerotherapy
  2. Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy
  3. Mini-Phlebectomy
  4. Endovenous Thermal Ablation Therapy
  5. Conservative Management of Varicose Veins
  6. Veingogh Ohmic Thermolysis


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