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Facial Spider Veins

VeinGogh Tool - Insulated Probe

Spider veins can occur in other areas of the body besides the legs and one commonly affected area is the face. The fine red lines can be difficult to conceal with make up and often create a sunburned or “flushed” appearance to the face. They are particularly common around the nose and cheeks.

The VeinGogh uses a process known as Ohmic Thermolysis which Treats the spider veins while leaving the outer layers of the skin Unaffected. During the VeinGogh treatment, a hair thin insulated probe is placed just under the skin overlying a spider vein. A microburst of energy then cauterizes the vein causing it to coagulate the blood and collapse the vessel wall which is then gradually absorbed by the body. The procedure takes between a few minutes to 30 minutes depending on the number of spider veins and is virtually painless. Other cosmetically unacceptable conditions such as cherry angiomas and rosacea  can also be effectively treated with the VeinGogh system.

At Middletown Vein and Aesthetic Center we are one of only a few centers in Connecticut to offer this revolutionary state of the art treatment option and have been using it for years now.