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Aesthetic Services 

Standard Pricing

Botox - $12.50 per unit

Juvederm  Ultra / Ultra Plus 0.4 mL - $350 or Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus 1.0 mL - $550

Juvederm Volbella 0.55 mL -  $375 

Juvederm Vollure 1.0 mL - $650

Juvederm Voluma 1.0 mL - $750

Kybella - $60 per injection site

Latisse  3 mL - $120 orLatisse 5 mL - $180

Microsclerotherapy (spider veins) - $325 (45 min session)  or $162.50 (30 min session)

VeinGogh (spider veins) - $325 (45 min session) or $162.50 (30 min session)

For Botox:  We will do an assessment and make a recommendation on number of units of Botox and suggested areas for treatment. 

For Fillers: We will decide which filler is right for you, depending on your concerns. In general, Juvederm Ultra and Volbella are used for lip augmentation.  Juvederm XC is used for shallow and moderate wrinkles.  Voluma is used around the cheekbone and nasolabial folds for a "lifting" effect. 

For Kybella:  We will determine the number of injection sites required.  The number of sessions required depends on your results and level of satisfaction.